Elementary Lessons

Here you will find a brief description of my lesson plans, the lesson plan, and examples of student work.

Scranimals~ 1st grade

The first graders traveled to Scranimal Island.  It is an island that is not located on most maps.  Only scranimals live there.  A scranimal is an animal with at least two different body parts.  For example; an Ostracheetah is an ostrich and cheetah combined as one animal.  I read poems from the book Scranimal Island. The students created their own scranimal by drawing them, painting them, and cutting them out into a background they created for their scranimal to live in.  The last was to create a name for their scranimal.

Download full lesson plan here:  1st grade (scranimals)

Student Work

Torn landscapes: showing weather conditions and seasons ~ 2nd grade

The sceond graders learned about the seasons and different weather conditions.  I showed a powerpoint of different landscapes that represented weather conditions and seasons by different artist.  The students created their own landscapes by tearing strips of paper.  The students used crayons to show the weather condition of their choice.  They sponge painted their torn trees to show the season.  Lastly they created an acrostic poem using their weather condition (rainy, snowy, cloudy, storm, sunny, etc.) and they wrote a weather forecast for their landscapes.

Download full lesson plan here: 2nd grade (Beauties of Nature)

Student Work

Half Self-Portraits~3rd grade

Third graders are studying identity.  They learned about Frida Kahlo, who painted self-portraits.  I then took pictures of the students and we discussed the symmetry of their faces.  The students cut their faces in half.  Their goal was to make it look like the photograph by drawing the other half.  The students also had to use math skills to measure and find correct placements.

Download full lesson plan here: 3rd grade (Self Portraits)

Student Work

Self-Portraits~5th grade

I had a class discussion with the fifth graders about portraits from the American Colonial period.  As a class we looked for symbolism and meaning in the portraits and their backgrounds.  I was questioning the students a lot and pushing them to think deeper and to look beyond the painting itself.  By doing this the students found out more about the person painted in the portraits.  We also discussed different facial expressions and what kind of meaning they could express.  The students then made a fall back self-portrait.  The self-portraits look as if they are falling back into something.  The students could choose what they were falling back into.  Whatever they chose to fall back into has a special meaning to the student and symbolizes something from their life. We used 18z”x24″ paper and they first used pencil to lay everything out and then went over it with color pencil and did the background in crayon.

Download full lesson plan here: 5th grade (Self-Portraits)

Student Work


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