Teaching Undergraduate Letterpress

This semester was my first time teaching undergraduate students!  Since I can remember this has be one of my top professional goals!  It is soooo satisfying to see my goals come to life.  It was also as satisfying as I thought it would be to teach the undergraduate intro letterpress class.  I have had such a wonderful time with my students and as they were learning from me all semester little do they know I was learning from them. I hope there is a lot more of me teaching in the near future!! I loveeee being able to share the art I love sooo much to people in the world!

So another colleague and I put together a display case of all six undergraduate classes from the Center of Book and Paper at Columbia College.  We off three different classes for undergraduates: 2 Intro to Letterpress, 2 Bookbinding, & 2 Papermaking.  If you are in the Chicago area come down to 1104 S. Wabash and on the 2nd floor you will find the display cases or check these pics out!



2 thoughts on “Teaching Undergraduate Letterpress

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