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2 thoughts on “DSC_0051

  1. Allan Miller says:

    Is the foot press a Baltimore No. 4 jobber? Is the left front foot brazed (welded)? Is the foot threadal been welded? I see the gripper assembly is still there but not complete. Does the throw off spring consist of a coil spring wrapped around the lever? Any dried gold ink still on the chase? Is one of the tympan bales riveted back together? What became of the feed table? If so this press originally was in the Syracuse Boys Club for many years. It was then sold to Tony Godlewski who was a member as a kid to the club when he was 15. He eventually had Tony’s Printing Service for a number of years. I acquired it from him after years of trying to get it. It had much abuse from the boys club and when I had it I did some repairs on it. (One of the bale screws is different size, top right due to an early botch job by someone). I had it for a number of years before I did some repairs and welding and started to use it. (Allan Miller, Syracuse). I sold all my shop to Stan Harris of Eaton New York in 2000. If it is the press, let me Know. I still wonder what became of my Baby Pearl ( Improved 5 x 8).

    • Jenna says:


      Great eye!!This must be your press. This is a great anecdote. I shared the information with my director and I think we are going to write this up and attach it next to the press! If you are ever in the area feel free to come by and check out our shop! It is a beautiful place.

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