Helen Frederick and Chris Kallmyer came to Columbia!!!

Toward the end of the semester we had two wonderful visiting artists: Helen Frederick and Chris Kallmyer. They both gave wonderful lectures. Helen spoke about investigating cultural literacy.  She discussed her trip to China where she investigated hand papermaking from two different locations to help her further understand how hand papermaking provides an intersection of cultural values and their effect on economic development.  Chris Kallmyer is a sound artist and makes work by using everyday objects like lawnmowers, sheep, car horns, etc. He explores the processes, customs, and environments through which humans have altered landscape and place. I had the honor to have a studio visit with both artists who gave me wonderful feedback and advice for my up and coming project “Running Thoughts.” If you have never heard of either artists I would highly recommend looking at their work.  



ImageImage of Chris during his lecture. This is when he is discussing his love/hate relationship for technology. 


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