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New Print Shop in Town called Tandem Felix!

Husband and wife Jamiel Dado & Liz Isakson-Dado recently started Tandem Felix Letterpress Print Shop located in the Lacuna Lofts in Pilsen. Liz was a colleague of mine from grad school. They are super excited about this new edition to their family. The Lacuna Lofts and print shop are gorgeous. They have acquired a C&P Platen Press, Sign Press, and a good size collection of wood and metal type. They are offering a variety of workshops for anyone who is looking to get their hands inky! They are also starting to produce work to sell in their etsy shop. So far they have a variety of posters using wood type and coasters. If you have any interested in learning letterpress printing I would definitely give them a holler.  Check out some pictures from my last visit.  Photos are not the best and do not represent how beautiful the shop is. I guess that means you just have to go check it out for yourself!


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Lessons I’ve Learned From Rap Songs

If in Chicago stop by 1104 South Wabash. Adjunct Professor Claire Sammons and I have our undergraduate student’s work on display on the first floor.  Last semester both undergraduate intro to letterpress classes collaborated for a wood type project.  As a group they voted on the theme Lessons I’ve Learned From Rap Songs.  Here are some images of the work.

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End of semester Craziness!

OK Hello everyone!  Sorry it took me so long to fill you in with Dafi’s visit and Wayzgoose.  The end of the semester is here and I am trying to wrap up all my final projects.

First, Dafi’s workshop.  It was wonderful to work with someone who has a design background and not print background.  It definitely gave me a different perspective to printing which will hopefully enhance my work.  I am officially able to operate the laser cutter which is super exciting.  I want to go laser cut crazy!  Check out some of the pics from the workshop.

Second, Wayzgooseeee!  This was a wonderful getaway from the city.  Two Rivers, Wisconsin is a wonderful and welcoming town to all of us. With lots of wood type and letterpress lovers!  Hamilton Museum  It was a weekend full of printing, calligraphy demos, letter design, and panel talks.  Check out these pics as well.  If you ever have a chance to go to Hamilton you must go to the ice cream shop where the first ice cream sundae was created!  There are wonderful antique shops in the next town as well!!

 My design being cut out of wood on the laser   cutter

 The wood cut from the laser cutter on the bed of the press all inked up and ready to be printed


 Hamilton Museum and Lots of beautiful wood type!

 Matthew Carter giving his panel discussion