Edible Book Show

Last Friday at Columbia College there was an edible book show!  At the end of the show we devoured the master pieces!  They gave out five awards and everyone in my program won! It was amazing! I won Best in Show!! Woohoo..

This book is made of sugar, life savers, and shoe string licorice!

Brain Food

My Artist Statement

Brain Food, is about two substances known as brain food: caffeine and sugar. Formed into nine pages made out of sugar and red shoestring licorice, the center of each page is one letter the word brain food. The book can be looked at as individual pages or the entire book can be read as one word. Brain Food will be set up next to the coffee during the opening show. When the time comes to eat the books I will break Brain Food up and the sugar can be used for the coffee.

close up of spine

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