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Summer Residency with Journal of Artists Books (JAB) at Columbia College Chicago

This summer I had the opportunity to return to Columbia College Chicago at the Center For Book & Paper Arts and work with Brad Freeman the editor and founder of Journal of Artists Books (JAB). I received a month residency to produce my artist book Cayuga Nation: Now & Then. For those of you who do not know I went to Columbia to receive a MFA in Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Arts. During my time there I had a two year print production fellowship where I worked closely with Brad Freeman and JAB. So this opportunity felt like returning home. It is my happy place. I got to operate the GTO Heidelberg offset press again which is unlike operating any other press I know. I have a different relationship and understanding for this press compared to vandercooks, screen-prints, etching presses, and any other press I have operated. (although I do love all printing presses this one is just a little different)

I worked with Brad for five days a week for the month of June. When I arrived I worked on completing my designs for my book, helped Brad around the shop, helped him clean and move his office, and assisted Buzz Spector in his residency. Buzz and I were both doing a residency at the same time and our artist books will be in JAB38 for Fall 2015. It was wonderful to chat with Buzz and learn his process of creating books. I always enjoy working with other artist because everyone approaches their work differently. I helped him scan in his pages, make some of the plates and run test for color options. I even taught Buzz how to use a GoPro!

After he left I began to process the film and make plates for my book and began printing. I had not done offset printing for two years and as confident as I was I made lots of little mistakes here and there mostly because I realized I was rushing and I needed to slow down. Brad and I had lots of good laughs. BUT once I got back into my groove it felt natural. The thing with offset is that these presses are not as available as vandercooks so I don’t get to continue to practice and build my skills. The next time I go back I will have to get back into my groove again and once I get into it I will have to leave again.

Now a little about the book I created. Cayuga Nation: Now & Then is a dos-a-dos offset printed artist book with a birch bark cover. Three weeks after I moved to the shores of Cayuga Lake, the Cayuga Nation owned gas station was barricaded with trucks, police and members of the tribe. This event inspired me to explore the long history of the Cayuga Nation and the events that lead to the recent conflict. Depending on which cover you open first you receive a different story. One side of the book tells the “Now” story (current issues) and the other side tells the “Then” story (history) of the tribe. The covers are bark because the Cayugas used it to build longhouses.

In 1779, the U.S. military destroyed the nations homes and crops forcing them off their land. Ten years ago, Cayuga Nation returned to their homeland after being displaced across the U.S. and Canada. The land claim is situated on the north end of Cayuga Lake, which is part of the Finger Lakes Region in Central New York. The nation is currently split between two factions and for two months one faction hijacked their gas station. This book tells the story from multiple perspectives. The central theme of this book consists of my photographs, newspaper articles, letters from the local councilman, historical research, and conversations with the Cayugas and Mercenaries. Moving to this area has made me aware of the continuous struggle Native Americans encounter. Through this book I hope to bring attention to their plight.

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The End Is Here!!!!!

This weekend I will be walking and officially receive my MFA in Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Arts. It was a long and fast three years. (if that makes sense)  Looking back I feel the time has flown by but during these three years I remember feeling the end of the tunnel was soooo far away. Now I am trying to figure out the question everyone in the past couple months has been asking me… “What is next?” As of now I am hoping and praying for a job in the near future!!! The search mission is beginning. I currently have THREE part-time jobs (I produce the Journal of Artists Books (JAB), teach art at two public schools in Chicago, and the not so fun job of waiting tables). My goal is to find ONE full time job. Oh how lovely that would be. Well that is it for now. Enjoy some pics from my thesis show!

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APHA (American Printing History Association) Conference

This past weekend The Center for Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College hosted the American Printing History Association Conference.  Chicago was the perfect location for the conference this year.  The Center’s building is located in the heart of Printer’s Row. In the late nineteenth century this area was the heart of Chicago’s printing and publishing industry.  The remnants of printing businesses are still visible in the area through the architecture and signage.

Printer’s Square Building

It was a two day conference which kicked off with a mini book fair.  There were  wonderful artists and books at the fair.  There was a good variety of books that ranged from type specimen books, books on printing history, to artist books. Then Saturday was panel talk after panel talk that range from french street signage, designing typefaces, this history of printing presses, and much more.

Books by Firebrand Press

“Circus Watcher” by Ken Botnick

Dave Peat’s Gothic Sectional typeface

Lastly, there was a pop-up student gallery for students who attended the conference. This was my first APHA conference and it will not be my last.

Student Gallery works by Katie Kotan and Crane Giamo

Student Gallery works by Claire Sammons and boo Gilder

Student Gallery works by Kathi Beste and Caroline Anderson

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Opening Reception Tomorrow Night!

Opening Reception Tomorrow night from 5-8 @ the Arcade Gallery, 618 South Michigan

Come to the Arcade Gallery and check out our work!  Fill out a Chicago She-Mads.  At the end of the exhibition we are send all the Chicago She-Mads to Rahm Emanuel. Let your voice be heard!

our installation

Close up view. Come fill out a Chicago She-Mad and let your voice be heard!

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Chicago Zine Fest Today!!!!!!

Today at Columbia College was the Chicago Zine Fest!  I hope everyone made it out.  It was amazballs and totally worth it.  For those of you who don’t know about it there is always next year.

“The Chicago Zine Fest is an independent event creating an outlet for small press and independent publishers to showcase their work. Our goal is to make DIY zine-making accessible, highlight the talents of self-published artists, and give independent artists a chance to interact, and swap skills through tabling, community events, and workshops.” http://chicagozinefest.org

I wanted to purchase everything but I did walk away with a few amazing zines.  There was a letterpress and bookbinding demo as well.  One artist had an old postage stamp vending machine where you could receive your fortune.  You had the option to choose a insult, compliment or advice.  I chose advice and so did my roommate and this is was they said…


Our fortunes

Here are some more photos!



Guy carrying his zines around to sell


The infamous fortune teller machine


Louise Dana and I with our completed print


Work created by the MFA Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Students at Columbia College


Rar Rar Press postcards


Artist David Alvarado was at the zine fest and I purchased one of his Zines called "Wanderlust." It is super amazing and makes me smile every time I look at it. He has a cartoon/comic drawing style. Check out him out on his blog. http://bodegadavid.blogspot.com/

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First Generation: A Revolution of Thought Opening Reception: March 15th


First Generation: A Revolution of Thought

Opening Reception: March 15th at 5pm @ Arcade Gallery 618 S Michigan Ave

Come out to see this show! A collaborative project I was apart of is on exhibit from March 8th-April 20th. Michelle Grave and Kate Morgan also worked on this piece.  The idea and creation of this project was developed through inspiration from a workshop we participated in with the Guerrilla Girls.  To learn more about our project visit our page http://chicagoshe-mads.tumblr.com/

The three variations of “She-Mads” madlibs will be exhibited in First Generation: A Revolution of Thought.  Come to the gallery to fill one out yourself!  After the exhibition, we will be mailing the letters to Rahm Emmanuel, Mayor of Chicago, as a form of petition and evidence that the Chicago art community is a vibrant and positive outlet for public and political concern.  Therefore, the Chicago art community requires better support!

Exhibition Dates: March 8 – April 20, 2012 Opening Reception: March 15, 5-PM

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Workshop with the Guerrilla Girls!!!!!

It has been a super amazing past two days!!! Let me tell you.  The Guerilla Girls came to The Book and Paper Center to do a two day workshop. Woohoo.  One day we brainstormed with them on project ideas and the second we made handmade banana paper!  We will continue to work on our project until March.  Then there is a collaborative exhibition with the Guerrilla Girls at Columbia College.  I will keep you updated.  Check out some of the pics!


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Art Net Article

Check out this article from Artnet.  It is about The Book and Paper Center at Columbia College.  I was interviewed for it and there is a photograph of me and my art in this article!

Artnet Article

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Surprise Visit from Amos Kennedy!!!

Yesterday morning I walked into  the studio as I do almost everyday but this time I walk into shaking Amos Kennedy’s hand!  I was not expecting that in a million years!  Amos Kennedy is a well known letterpress printer from Alabama.  Check out his work! http://www.kennedyprints.com  Here are some pics!!

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Other Entries in Edible Book Show

By Chris Saclolo

By Jackie McGill

By Boo Gilder

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