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The End Is Here!!!!!

This weekend I will be walking and officially receive my MFA in Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Arts. It was a long and fast three years. (if that makes sense)  Looking back I feel the time has flown by but during these three years I remember feeling the end of the tunnel was soooo far away. Now I am trying to figure out the question everyone in the past couple months has been asking me… “What is next?” As of now I am hoping and praying for a job in the near future!!! The search mission is beginning. I currently have THREE part-time jobs (I produce the Journal of Artists Books (JAB), teach art at two public schools in Chicago, and the not so fun job of waiting tables). My goal is to find ONE full time job. Oh how lovely that would be. Well that is it for now. Enjoy some pics from my thesis show!

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JAB33 Release Party!

JAB33 is finally complete! We are having a release party and reading this Friday, April 5th @ 6:00pm on the 2nd floor in 1104 South Wabash.  Come join us.  For those of you wondering what JAB is let me fill you in…

JAB (Journal of Artists’ Books) “provides a platform for both theoretical and creative expression, a forum for the study of artists books.”  For the past two years I have had the honor of being the print production fellow for JAB where I work closely with Brad Freeman the editor.

If you would like to subscribe or learn more about JAB visit the websitehttp://www.journalofartistsbooks.org/index.php

jab cover

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APHA (American Printing History Association) Conference

This past weekend The Center for Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College hosted the American Printing History Association Conference.  Chicago was the perfect location for the conference this year.  The Center’s building is located in the heart of Printer’s Row. In the late nineteenth century this area was the heart of Chicago’s printing and publishing industry.  The remnants of printing businesses are still visible in the area through the architecture and signage.

Printer’s Square Building

It was a two day conference which kicked off with a mini book fair.  There were  wonderful artists and books at the fair.  There was a good variety of books that ranged from type specimen books, books on printing history, to artist books. Then Saturday was panel talk after panel talk that range from french street signage, designing typefaces, this history of printing presses, and much more.

Books by Firebrand Press

“Circus Watcher” by Ken Botnick

Dave Peat’s Gothic Sectional typeface

Lastly, there was a pop-up student gallery for students who attended the conference. This was my first APHA conference and it will not be my last.

Student Gallery works by Katie Kotan and Crane Giamo

Student Gallery works by Claire Sammons and boo Gilder

Student Gallery works by Kathi Beste and Caroline Anderson

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Dafi Kuhne @ Columbia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why hello everyone! I have some super exciting news! Swiss artist Dafi Kuhne is here in Chicago for two weeks!  He currently has part of his thesis woodtype now on display in the woodtype exhibition at the Book and Paper Center.  It is located on the 2nd floor in the 1104 South Wabash building at Columbia College.  This weekend he is doing a workshop on producing woodtype using an laser cutter called Digital to Analog!  I am sooo lucky I will be taking the workshop! He also gave an amazing lecture about his work this past Thursday.  If you are interested he is conducting another workshop during next week as well called printing on cardboard.  I will post some pics after the workshop.  This is going to be an intense next two weeks.  After this weekend with Dafi I am headed to the Wayzgoose conference at Hamilton Woodtype Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  So you will be hearing more from me soon.

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Workshop with the Guerrilla Girls!!!!!

It has been a super amazing past two days!!! Let me tell you.  The Guerilla Girls came to The Book and Paper Center to do a two day workshop. Woohoo.  One day we brainstormed with them on project ideas and the second we made handmade banana paper!  We will continue to work on our project until March.  Then there is a collaborative exhibition with the Guerrilla Girls at Columbia College.  I will keep you updated.  Check out some of the pics!


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Surprise Visit from Amos Kennedy!!!

Yesterday morning I walked into  the studio as I do almost everyday but this time I walk into shaking Amos Kennedy’s hand!  I was not expecting that in a million years!  Amos Kennedy is a well known letterpress printer from Alabama.  Check out his work! www.kennedyprints.com  Here are some pics!!

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