Dafi Kuhne @ Columbia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why hello everyone! I have some super exciting news! Swiss artist Dafi Kuhne is here in Chicago for two weeks!  He currently has part of his thesis woodtype now on display in the woodtype exhibition at the Book and Paper Center.  It is located on the 2nd floor in the 1104 South Wabash building at Columbia College.  This weekend he is doing a workshop on producing woodtype using an laser cutter called Digital to Analog!  I am sooo lucky I will be taking the workshop! He also gave an amazing lecture about his work this past Thursday.  If you are interested he is conducting another workshop during next week as well called printing on cardboard.  I will post some pics after the workshop.  This is going to be an intense next two weeks.  After this weekend with Dafi I am headed to the Wayzgoose conference at Hamilton Woodtype Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  So you will be hearing more from me soon.

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